The Vuppet

Color: Multicolor

Meet The Vuppet

Everything about our bodies is beautiful! But do you really know what everything looks like and what everything is for? At The Body Agency, we want you to be prepared to have this conversation. Our educational Puppet celebrates the wonders and power of everything "down there," revealing all the beautiful details in a fun and educational way. 

The Vuppet is for moms, dads, daughters, sons, partners, nurses, gynecologists, teachers, friends - anyone who needs to know about or teach others about the female body. And that is pretty much everyone!

The Vuppet was developed specifically with parents in mind to take the embarrassment out of important conversations, making them fun.

But this is much more than an educational tool: each puppet is one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched with love by a disabled women in Laos. When you buy a Puppet, you provide the woman who made it a sustainable way to make a living. And the greater the demand, the more women the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center is able to employ and support, by teaching participants life skills and civil rights. This is a fair trade partnership.

Your Purchase

A portion of proceeds of all sales will go to empower women around the globe who work on women's sexual and reproductive health in their communities. We will also teach life and business skills to help build sustainable women-led businesses in low-income communities.

The ladies from The Laos Women's Development Centre making The Body Agency fair trade products.