Chained Angel

Artist was kidnapped by the Ukrainian mafia while working for a top advertising agency in Russia. During her time being held captive she decided that if she was to escape, she would devote her life to activism to empower other women and fight domestic violence and rights to our bodies. This painting symbolizes having your wings clipped against your will but finally being let go and to help change the world for women.

Canvas with acrylic and silk flowers
48 x 48

Our Founder, Kate Roberts, has been creating art for 30 years. Her artistic name is "Katmondo" which is "Kate's World' in Italian, her favorite language and country. Many a piece has sprung from her vast travels throughout Europe and her birthplace in the UK.

Her journey has taken her to more than 110 countries often traveling with influencers such as Bono, Ashley Judd, Debra Messing, Mandy Moore, Clinton, Will Iam, Melinda Gates and The Crown Princess of Norway. Her advocacy trips have helped to find solutions and funding for women's issues such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, access to reproductive and maternal health and to end domestic violence. Kate is a strong believer in women's empowerment and along the way has created organizations to tackle these issues, such as YouthAIDS, Five and Alive, Maverick Collective and more recently The Body Agency.

From these travels comes a piece of art, often forged from an old sack or trinket found in a market or slum dwelling telling a sometimes harrowing story. Her latest work series, "Birds, Bush and Butterflies" highlights incredible women that she has come across from countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, Romania, Ukraine, Tanzania, Russia and Central America.

Currently being exhibited at:
Gigantic Goods Art Gallery
11 Jay St Tribeca, New York, NY

A percentage of proceeds from sale goes to send Dignity Kits to vulnerable girls and women around the world and toward the BodyNEXT campaign, teaching our next generation about their bodies.

Your Purchase

A portion of proceeds of all sales will go to empower women around the globe who work on women's sexual and reproductive health in their communities. We will also teach life and business skills to help build sustainable women-led businesses in low-income communities.

The ladies from The Laos Women's Development Centre making The Body Agency fair trade products.