Kit for the Outdoor Woman


Curated products for the woman on the move that are convenient, high quality and eco friendly!

Period Cup -The only antibacterial menstrual cup made of 100% medical grade silicone.

  • With no added chemicals, or toxins, the entire surface of the Cup is physically antibacterial. Nothing harmful going into your body. Just comfortable, convenient period protection. Better for you, and better for our planet!

Period Panty - Leak proof! 

  • The panty is leak-proof and stain-resistant and has a universal pocket to accommodate either a reusable or disposable absorbent. This system gives you the power to customize your menstrual protection to match your cycle and flow.

Organic Non-Applicator Tampons (8)  - Less packaging, less waste!

    Prebiotic Deodorizing Serum - Cleanse, deodorize & balance the environmentally-kind way.

    • This intimate deodorizing serum eliminates impurities & irritants without stripping moisture. Gentle, non-irritating actives balance the delicate microbiome of your sweet spots while keeping wipes out of landfills & sewers

    Restoring Face Serum - designed to detox, repair and protect your skin from toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors

    • Protects against hormone disruptors, also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals. These are substances that interfere with our hormones’ normal function (the endocrine system). “Interfering” includes increasing or decreasing hormone production and throwing our hormones out of balance.

    The Body Agency Tote - Handmade reusable shopping tote

    • Designed and hand-stitched with loving care by the wonderful women at the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center, the Body Agency tote is the perfect carry-all. This unique tote is perfectly sized to fit all your necessities.

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    A portion of proceeds of all sales will go to empower women around the globe who work on women's sexual and reproductive health in their communities. We will also teach life and business skills to help build sustainable women-led businesses in low-income communities.

    The ladies from The Laos Women's Development Centre making The Body Agency fair trade products.