Coach Session: Sexuality, Pleasure, and Intimacy


Meet Lucy Rowett: Clinical Sexologist and Sex and Relationship Coach

  • Sex and relationship coach
  • Clinical Sexologist
  • Kink and BDSM friendly
  • Sex-Positive and inclusive

    Professional Philosophy:
    Your sexuality is beautiful and sacred. You deserve to experience real pleasure, feel uninhibited in your body and unapologetically sexy at any age, and body type. Your body is your own, and you have full autonomy over what you do with it and how you experience it.

    I believe in helping you to release any shame you have around your sexuality so you can embrace who you really are. Consider me your pleasure permission slip giver and sexual fairy godmother.

    Areas of Specialization:

    • Pleasure
    • Intimacy
    • Sacred sexuality
    • Women who have lost their libido and want it back again
    • Women who want to discover their authentic sexual self
    • Sexless relationships
    • Porn literacy and usage in relationships
    • Sex with chronic illness
    • Sex with disabilities
    • Sexual communication
    • Sex and spirituality
    • Sexuality and religious beliefs

    Primary Audiences Served:
    Women experiencing low desire and loss of libido, who want to discover pleasure on their own terms.

    Sexless couples, where they have tried everything except work with sexuality.

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