Irene Cerdas


Areas of Specialization:
Most of my work is with cis gender women, helping them understand their sexuality, empowering their relationship with self-pleasure, partnered sex and helping with body image issues. I also work with heterosexual couples teaching them the sexual education they never got, how to communicate with their partners on the erotic level and how to spice up or maintain their sex lives, individually and as a couple. Also working with cis gender hetero men to better understand their own sexuality and women’s pleasure, desire and response, and to reframe old “machista” views on sex, emotions and relationships.

  • Sex Expert
  • Self-Pleasure
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Sex Positive Advocate

Professional Philosophy:
My philosophy is that people with healthy, positive and pleasurable sex lives are happy and I want everyone to be happy!

Primary Audiences Served:
I am 100% inclusive but I see my strengths in heterosexual couples, cis gender women and men.

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