The Body Board Live Presents

Sex, Body, and Soul

Hosted by Kate Roberts,
The Body Agency Founder and Sexual Health Expert

Hear from leading womens' wellness experts as they discuss the seismic shift for the better in feminine health and sexual wellness.

An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Dr. Stephanie Estima specializes in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, and female physiology. She is the author of the best selling book, The Betty Body, a geeky goddess' guide to intuitive eating, balanced hormones and transformative sex. In this episode, we dive into health practices designed for women by women, fitness, sex, intimacy, longevity, parenting, mindset, and pursuing excellence. This show is all about blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women’s health and healing.

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It's All About Your Gut

with Jennifer Hanway

Episode 10 of Sex, Body, & Soul explores how our gut is really the center of our universe and how to maximize its operation. We talk poop (Kate’s favorite topic!), alcohol, fad diets, intermittent fasting, when to eat, what to eat and how having a healthy gut can lead to better sleep and focus.

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The Art of Ayurveda for Women's Health

with Kathryn Templeton

Take a dive deep with us into the ancient Indian art of the non-traditional practice of Ayurveda. We discuss yoga, different methods of using Ayurveda as a lifestyle for your nutritional and mental health. Kathryn is a renowned board-certified Ayurveda practitioner, and psychotherapist specializing in treatment of individuals with anxiety, depression, and complex trauma.

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Do We Really Need a Sexual Label?


Barb is an edgy music composer and producer working with artists such as Blondie. Living through the 80’s in NYC, they now identify as pan sexual, though born into a body that they could not always identify with. Barb takes us through their journey and help us to sort through all the labels, how to use them, and how to talk to our kids about their sexual identity.

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The Man Who Worships Vaginas


A touching and fascinating discussion of a man’s journey in realizing his own misconceptions of a woman’s vulva and his journey in becoming an expert. Now with his organization “The Vulva Visibility Project” we get real about what men really think about down there. We talk the effect of porn in boys minds and what they really really want and think.

Giving ourselves permission for pleasure


FINAL EPISODE OF SPECIAL THREE PART SERIES: Author of the book “Want Me," renowned journalist, activist and writer shares her journey to understand what men want and finding the secret to her own sexual desires. From watching porn as a young girl to finding herself on the set of her favorite porn film, Flory delves into the role and use of erotica. This episode is focused on the social justice surrounding our own sexual wellness and what truly goes on behind the scenes of porn. She tells us to embrace our fetishes and fantasies!

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Getting your Sexual Groove Back


PART TWO OF SPECIAL THREE PART SERIES: Gynecologist and OBGYN Dr. Harper discusses the challenges she sees for women who come to her with diminishing sex drives. Feeling frustrated that she was not equipped to give her patients what they needed, she started “Meet Rosy," a fem tech app where you can hear erotic stories geared toward women within a community of others who believe in erotic content to help with arousal. We discuss the challenges and the scientific facts of our sex drive and what turns us on!

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Has Porn Hijacked Our Girls Sexuality?

with Dr. Gail Dines

PART ONE OF SPECIAL THREE PART SERIES: We discuss the word “pornified” and how porn has now filtered down into mainstream media, pop culture and the average age that our kids see porn being 11. Dr. Dines talks through our social dilemma of both talking to our kids about porn and what are the biggest dangers are to watch out for. Sex, power, and culture AND picking apart Stormy Daniels and The Kardashians.

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Let's Talk About Down There!


Dr. Lincoln is a renowned gynecologist and educator who is constantly surprised that most of her patients still don’t realize that we have 3 holes down there! We talk about everything from vulva health, hygiene, vaginal dryness and how to get the best out of our vulva…we talk products, what we need and what we don’t….and spoiler alert the rose scented vagina candle does not smell like Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina!

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Being Your Own Best Lover


Dr. Wright talks us through some of the challenges that we may be facing in midlife and our sex lives and giving ourselves permission to have pleasure. She talks through all the myths, what's real and what's not, and the fact that our biggest sexual organ is our mind! We also learn what to expect when you go to a sex coach and what we need to know about toys!

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Having the "talk" with our kids


Adolessons Founder Dr. Klock loves to help parents to connect with their tweens and teens around the time of puberty and how to approach it. Dr. Klock gives tips on navigating around this monumental time in our kids’ lives around everything from periods, puberty, contraception and what happens with boys and girls, their body and mental health.

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