Ashley Judd is an author, award-winning actor, feminist and social justice humanitarian. She is a Leader of the #MeToo movement and a founding member of Times Up. She has been working internationally, with NGO’S, grass roots organizations, governments, and supranational bodies since 2004. Her paper, Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice won the Dean’s Scholar Award at Harvard Law School. Her book, All That Is Bitter & Sweet, detailing her visits to grassroots programs in 13 countries, is a New York Times bestseller.
Ashley and I have traveled the world together, meeting with survivors, at risk youth, trafficked girls, doctors, presidents and the many heroes working in the trenches to serve the world's marginalized. During this 2 part podcast we dive deep into some of those experiences, the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, her more recent experiences in the Congo, her life changing tragic accident and of course we talk about her personal journey of finding sexual wellness after sexual trauma. Read more about Ashley and her story.

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