The 'happy hormones' formula


Meet the "smart" herbs that balance everything!

  • Take 2 pills daily to help with hormone balance as well as mood, sleep, and energy.
  • The Chinese herbs in every bottle help balance estrogen levels. Chasteberry helps balance hormonal levels in the body and provides relief from uncomfortable symptoms like sleeplessness and depression.
  • Provides relief from the monthly symptoms of PMS.
  • Assists with mood support by activating serotonin receptors in the brain, giving an overall more positive/happier mood.
  • Helps to alleviate cramping, enhances energy, & regulates mood swings. It does this by stimulating the endocrine gland which results in hormonal stabilization.

Ingredient list: Black Cohosh (2.5% extract) (root), Dong Quai (1% extract) (root), Licorice (1% extract) (root), Red Clover (1% extract), Sage (2.5% extract) (leaf), Chasteberry (0.5% extract), Blessed Thistle, Red Raspberry Powder, Wild Yam (16% extract), trans-Resveratrol.

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The ladies from The Laos Women's Development Centre making The Body Agency fair trade products.