The Body Agency Pouch


Designed and hand-stitched with loving care by the wonderful women at the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center, the Body Agency pouch is 100% cotton and 1000% fabulous. This unique pouch is perfectly sized to fit a cell phone along with tampons, pads, or menstrual cup (or anything else). Show your daughter how much you care and order one along with all the products she needs to feel confident during her period and every day of the month.

Size (Please note sizes may vary slightly as each pouch is handmade):7” W x 5.5’ H

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A portion of proceeds of all sales will go to empower women around the globe who work on women's sexual and reproductive health in their communities. We will also teach life and business skills to help build sustainable women-led businesses in low-income communities.

The ladies from The Laos Women's Development Centre making The Body Agency fair trade products.