Keira Barr, MD


Dr. Keira Barr is an author, global speaker, coach and physician who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism and self-doubt and embrace confidence and courage instead. She has helped thousands of women quiet their inner critic to amplify their own voices and live their most authentic life.

She is the proud author of The Skin Whisperer, which is a roadmap to vitality, self awareness and resilience.

Dr. Keira is a dual-board certified integrative dermatologist, certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Mind-Body Medicine and a trauma informed life coach. She is also the founder of the Resilient Health Institute and creator of the Skinny Dipping Method.

Through workshops, coaching and her books, Dr. Keira has taught women around the globe tools and strategies to inspire and empower them to live confidently and comfortably in their own skin.

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